Discover the Power of Neuroaesthetics in Interior Design

When You Change Your Space, Everything Changes

When you combine the science of neuroaesthetics with the art of interior design, the transformation is dramatic and life-changing. Spaces that increase your health, wellness, and overall sense of well-being. 

Applying neuroaesthetics in interior design takes into account how colors, lighting, texture, sound, nature, and shapes impact us. 

The result is intentionally designed spaces that: 

  • Stimulate and ignite the senses
  • Foster emotional connection 
  • Seamlessly integrate design, artistry, and neuroscience 
  • Inspire an overall sense of ease, calm, and relaxation 

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My Story: How I Came to Understand the Impact of Neuroaesthetics in Interior Design 

A former software engineer, I’ve always had creative instincts. I began to dabble in various aspects of interior design in 1990 when admittedly, we purchased “the ugliest house on the block”. I designed the exterior landscape and watched as my neighbors followed suit! 

I was onto something. 

In 1993, I dove into design part-time and ended up in an interior renovation of our home to accommodate my growing family. 

My middle child began to show symptoms of allergies and respiratory issues and I had a hunch there were harmful air pollutants in my home causing the issues. I began researching and learning about VOCs and cleaning chemicals can do to the respiratory system and went into full-on clean up mode!

I brought in plants (such as orchids) and sought to purify our home’s air naturally. My child made vast improvements! 

In 2017, my youngest daughter was hit by a drunk driver, just a month prior to college graduation. She survived but was left with personal struggles as the accident had damaged her brain. Doctor after doctor were unable to provide her with the solutions she needed to calm her thoughts and come out of a dark place. 

I began researching and decided to roll up my sleeves and implement the principles at home to see if it would help. 

The result was a space that helped quiet her mind and made her feel safe and secure. 

Within six months, she was beginning to come back to life and feel healthier and happier.

It was in 2021 I discovered there was a name for what I’d done in our home and it was called Neuroaesthetic Interior Design. 

My life and my family’s life was changed forever. And now I help others make these same lasting, impactful changes in their homes as well. 

I firmly believe that interior design has the power to influence every aspect of our wellbeing from mental health to physical health. 

By changing your personal space, you change your life.

Why Clients

Love Working With Me: 

  • I’m attentive to your individual needs, sensory preferences, and family lifestyle. I listen and deeply care about YOU and your project 
  • I pay close attention to details and deliver the highest quality in my work 
  • I’m a problem-solver at heart and work to resolve even the toughest design dilemmas 
  • I’m an experienced designer with over ten years working independently on residential interior design projects in the San Francisco Bay area!

I LOVE bringing your ideas to life and helping you see what’s possible in your space. 

Ready to discover just how GOOD home can feel?