Interior Design & Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Bring your design vision to life and welcome harmony to your home.

Our comprehensive interior design process guides you every step of the way as we discover your unique vision, preferences, and lifestyle and make choices that align with who you are. 

Thoughtful and intentional Interior Design has the power to improve your health. 

We believe a successfully designed interior is one that restores balance to your physical, emotional, and mental health. Our process merges your unique personality, sensory needs and preferences, and lifestyle with the art and science of timeless interior design. 

We leave no stone unturned and pay attention to the details to ensure you receive the highest quality of work that truly looks and feels like home. 

At Intentionally Designed Interiors, we encourage client collaboration. It takes practice and art to listen to our clients and act on their input for the benefit of the Client. We believe in building a relationship first while working closely with our clients throughout the process as a foundation of a successful project.

Discovery Call

In this phase, there’s no one size fits all. During a 20-minute complimentary call, we'll explore project compatibility, vision, and estimated timeline. If you decide to collaborate with us, a non-refundable deposit is required along with a signed Letter of Agreement to initiate the Site Visit.

Site Survey, Planning, and Conceptualization

In this phase, we sit down for an initial consultation. We get an in-depth understanding of YOU. We learn about your needs, preferences, investment, and timeline. We also guide you in gathering inspirational photographs and visions of the space. We talk through your physical, emotional, mental health goals for your space - how you want to FEEL in your space.

We listen intently and give you space to feel seen and heard about what you like and don’t like in your home. 

After the walk-through, we’ll photograph and measure the project space.

Establishing a strong foundation in the planning and conceptualization phase is key to a successful project. 

After the consultation, we’ll sit down one last time to discuss the contract clearly outlining the design scope, expectations, timelines and projected investment. To block out the time slot for your project, we require the signed contract and one-fourth of the total project to begin the next phase of your project.

Upon the receipt of the contract, we can roll up our sleeves and dive into the exciting part! The design development phase! We create a design concept that outlines your goals, functional requirements, and style preferences. 

We closely and intentionally consider your physical, emotional, and mental health goals for your newly designed interior as we work to bring your vision to life.

Design Development and Refinement 

The heart of our design process, this phase is all about bringing your vision to life and ensuring every detail is perfectly tailored to your unique needs. 

We carefully analyze your space to understand its unique characteristics in the space planning process. Then, we develop a layout plan that optimizes functionality, flow, and puts your wellbeing and mental health first in your interior design. 

Next is the Design Development (also known as where the magic happens!). We handpick materials, finishes, colors, and furnishings that look and feel like your vision of HOME. 

Our goal is to create a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality that truly reflects your style. We believe that impeccable interior design isn’t just about “more stuff”, it’s about quality and beautiful design that improves your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

This process is collaborative as we walk you through the design concept with a design presentation. Your opinion and feedback helps us move forward, fine-tune, and refine the design to surpass your expectations. 

You’ll get clear visuals and have an in-depth understanding of the design before we get started! 

Implementation and Project Completion 

The design plans start coming together in the final phase of our comprehensive design process. 

We take the hassle and headache off your plate entirely with full-service every step of the way as we implement and bring your interior design project to completion. 

Vision becomes a reality as materials, furnishings, and accessories are purchased and gathered and we put the finishing touches on that bring your dream space to life. 

We work closely with our trusted network of suppliers to ensure nothing but the highest quality as well as  oversee the construction and installation to make sure everything’s executed to perfection. We leave no stone unturned and handle all the coordination of the many moving parts and pieces. 

Project management is our forte and we love handling yours from start to finish! 

After we’ve ensured the project is completed and every last detail is in place, we let you in for the final reveal and present the completed project to you. 

This moment is very exciting and we love seeing your face as you step into new space! 

Ready for a space that improves all aspects of your wellbeing?