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biophilic interior design 

The way you feel at home has the power to transform your life. 

Imagine entering a space that invites you in with open arms. When you step inside, you instantly breathe easier. You can think more clearly and feel creative and energized. Tension rolls away from your neck, back, and shoulders. Your troubles and worries from the day drop off as you slip off your shoes. 

You are home.

At Intentionally Designed Interiors, we design for your unique lifestyle. We bring together beauty, function, and purpose as we create spaces that inspires you to deeply relax. 

Interiors Designed to:

  • Enhance the wellbeing of the entire family
  • Provide a safe haven
  • Improve connection, togetherness, and a sense of belonging
  • Help those with sensory needs and preferences feel calm
  • Bring harmony home!

Biophilic interior design is intentional design that impacts and elevates every aspect of your health and wellness. 

Crafting a Legacy of Purposeful Elegance 

In every space we create, intentionality is our guide. We design on purpose and with purpose. 

Good design doesn’t mean “more stuff”. 

Good design inspires and rejuvenates while being beautiful. Biophilic interior design demonstrates how beauty, ethics, and sustainability blend in perfect harmony.

We take a Biophilic Approach to Interior Design

kitchen with blue walls
Residential Design

Intentional kitchen, bath, and full renovation design for your home.  

Bathroom Interior
Drafting and 3D Rendering

See your vision come to life with a 3D view of your space.

A cozy bed
Designer on Call

Specific design direction, decision-making, an extra set of eyes, and peace of mind.

What is Biophilic Interior Design? 

Biophilic design is a way of designing that allows you to have meaningful interaction with, and feel more connection to, the natural environment. We bring in elements of nature directly (plants, water features, stones, wood, etc.) and indirectly (images, colors, materials, etc.) to improve health and well being. 

Biophilic interior design can be used in any space to bring cohesion and help individuals thrive: 
  • Improves flow and function in your home 
  • Calms and soothes mental and physical stress  
  • Positively impacts family dynamics
  • Creates a brighter more cheerful environment 
  • Increases physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of everyone
  • Invites you to unwind and reconnect to self and nature

Safe, supportive spaces that support and heal. 

Yes, coming home can feel this good! 

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” -Jay Danzie

Meet Rose Tanjoco

Meet the founder and owner of Intentionally Designed Interiors, Rose Tanjoco. 

From an early age, Rose knew she wanted to be an architect and interior designer. As a former software engineer and mother of three, she’s always had a creative instinct and loved designing in her own home. 

In 1990, Rose began channeling her design skills into renovating “the ugliest house on the block” (her own) and coming up with the design for the landscape and exterior. Her neighbors were inspired and quickly followed suit. 

Rose realized she was on to something and in 1993, got back into the world of interior design part-time. In 2019, she opened her own Residential Interior Design firm, serving the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay, and South Bay.

Along her journey, she’s discovered the importance of biophilic interior design as a way to help her family heal from respiratory issues and allergies and manage sensory needs and anxiety. 

Rose believes the role your personal space places in your health is of utmost importance. 

She creates living, breathing showcases in her client’s home through intentional choices that help her clients live better and healthier lives. 

Clients love working with her because she’s bright, warm, and energetic. She’s deeply empathetic and takes time to listen to how you want to feel in your space as she intentionally brings your vision to life. 

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