Bathroom Design Project

The New Englander Project is a testament to our commitment to crafting luxurious yet tranquil sanctuaries. 

Client Vision:

For Lauren and Calvin, our clients, the vision for their ensuite primary bathroom is an opulent yet tranquil sanctuary, offering them a luxurious respite from their busy lives. They seek a space that seamlessly blends functionality with beauty, incorporating serene colors, luxurious materials, and thoughtful design elements.

Our Task:

Our task is to curate a space tailored to the specific needs and desires of Lauren and Calvin. We are focusing on integrating rich marble, two-tone fixtures, and crystal accents to lend an opulent touch while maintaining an inviting warmth. Additionally, we are paying special attention on practical features such as separate his and her vanities, a spacious shower, a steam room, and a sumptuous soaking tub area with an electric fireplace to ensure indulgent relaxation.

Our Approach:

Embracing a blend of classic and contemporary styles, our approach focuses on creating timeless elegance that will endure. We will utilize natural hues reminiscent of the ocean and landscapes to evoke a sense of calm, while elements like stone flooring forge a connection to nature. Soft lighting and tactile materials like wood and crystal to further enhance the tranquil ambiance, transforming the space into a high-end spa retreat perfectly suited to the lifestyle of the client.

A testament to our commitment to luxurious and tranquil sanctuaries

By seamlessly blending functionality with opulence and drawing inspiration from the client's vision of a serene escape, we're creating a timeless oasis that perfectly reflects Lauren and Calvin's lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.