Bathroom Design Project

The revival of this 90's master bathroom offers budget-conscious design with timeless allure and enduring elegance.

Our Client's Vision: 

Our clients envisioned a revival of their 90's master bathroom, seeking a design that radiates timeless charm and functionality while retaining the existing mauve marble flooring.

Our Task:

Tasked with creating a budget-friendly yet elegant design, our goal was to transform the space into a luxurious oasis while working within the constraints of the existing materials.

Our Approach:

Embracing simplicity and practicality, we strategically utilized cost-effective materials and clever design solutions to elevate the space. With a focus on the shower as the main focal point, we incorporated sleek fixtures and refreshing accents, seamlessly blending subtle nods to the 90's era with contemporary touches. This approach achieved a harmonious balance of past and present, resulting in a masterful blend of affordability and sophistication.

The culmination of our efforts...

The Revival of Timeless Charm, where affordability meets enduring appeal. Every detail in this master bathroom exudes understated elegance, providing a sanctuary that celebrates both nostalgia and modernity.